Herby BBQ Potatoes…

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It’s officially summer!


And now Matthew and I have our wonderful new house, with our very own back garden, we have really been enjoying spending time outdoors and enjoying some of the glorious weather we’ve had so far!

As you saw in my Green Fingers post, we’ve planted a vegetable garden, and its coming on so well in the wonderful sunshine – we can’t wait until the first produce is ready to eat!

But in the meantime, we’ve also been enjoying lots of meals on the BBQ…that free BBQ we picked up around this time last year, when an neighbour had put it on the kerb for whoever wanted to pick it up…we did! and boy are we glad – its become a staple cooking device, especially at our new house!

But instead of just sticking with burgers and hotdogs, we’ve tried to venture out of our comfort zone a bit and try cooking different dishes on the BBQ.

We’ve already had BBQ caramel bananas (recipe available to post if anyone wants it?), along with regularly enjoying grilled asparagus and courgettes, but these herby potatoes were a last-minute creation on Saturday evening, when I had a craving for a potato-based dish, loosely based upon some potatoes I’d tried at an event recently.

Take note of my top tip in the recipe – otherwise you’ll end up with charcoal-like potatoes like we did (although they were still edible and tasty!)…but at least I know for next time!





  • Wash and cut the potatoes into 1 inch cubes / quarters, and place in a bowl
  • Create a foil basket, double thickness, with raised edges, and pinched corners – or use a disposable foil roasting pan!
  • In a small bowl mix together the olive oil and herb flavouring
  • Pour the oil/herb mix onto the potatoes and mix well
  • Pour the potatoes onto the foil basket
  • Place the basket onto the BBQ
  • Let the potatoes cook, with the lid down for about 5minutes
  • Top Tip
    To avoid charcoal potatoes(!!) using tongs, move the potatoes around every five minutes to avoid one side staying on the hot foil for too long
  • Cook the potatoes for about 20 minutes total
  • Take foil basket off BBQ and leave to rest for a few minutes on a baking tray

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