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Christmas tis the season to get together and spend time with those you love…and party!

As you know, Matthew and I will not be able to spend time with family this festive season – but we will spend time with them virtually via Skype on Christmas Day, and the days that follow when family visit.

However, we have been able to schedule some time to visit my extended family on the Sunday after Christmas.

It will be so great to see them all again, as we last got together with them around Thanksgiving.

Its always good to know we have people who care and support us over here, as it can often feel quite lonely, especially this time of year where everyone is spending time visiting friends and family, and feeling festive.

But Matthew and I are definitely in a mildly-festive spirit this year, which is nice!

We have bought each other gifts again, and despite both knowing the majority of the gifts one another has bought, it will still be fun to exchange them, and unwrap gifts our family and friends back home have so kindly sent to us!

We also had the chance to feel a little more festive on Friday night, as it was my work Christmas night out.

We went to an amazingly swish golf course, called Whistle Bear, and there was the most spectacular open fire place when you walked in – which was much needed as it was freezing outside – so I spent a minute or two warming up before heading into our private room.

We had an amazing meal of canapés, caesar salad, prime rib, and a chocolate cake pudding (although, in honesty, I would like to think my cakes are better…hehe!!)

It was so nice to get dressed-up a little, and spend time together as well as with my colleagues and their guests – its always nice to spend some social time with those who I spend so much of my (sometimes stressful) working weeks with – and can you believe it will be two years in January since I first set foot through the door at Sparks?!

Throughout the evening at the party, talk often turned to Matthew and me, and our situation here in Canada.

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we had some unfortunate news about our Canadian Permanent Residency application, in that it was sadly declined – based upon an administrative reason, rather than a final refusal.

We have spent a lot of time contemplating our situation and trying to come to terms with the disappointment it inevitably brought us so suddenly.

Whilst we still have a lot of decisions to make, we have been well supported by those around us, no matter how near or far, and we are extremely thankful for their support.

We have visited an immigration specialist lawyer who has gone through a lot of our application and given us some great advice, which we will no doubt continue to work through in our own time.

It certainly wasn’t the type of thing I was expecting to be dealing with in the run up to the Christmas season, but I guess everything happens for a reason…we may just not know the reason right now!…and hey, it hasn’t been easy for us so far, why would anything change now!

But we are certainly grateful for the opportunity we have been given to be here, and to spend time with, and make connections, with the people we have so far in our Maple Leafed journey.

So as Christmas-week begins, Matthew and I will be taking some time to relax and unwind after another whirlwind year, and as we begin to contemplate what 2016 might hold for us, we would love to hear from you in the comments below!

How are you spending your Christmas this year?
Are you making any special trips to visit family or friends?
Or have you been to any exciting events or parties?

Wishing You All A Very Merry Christmas

Much Love


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    Love your blogs Jade x having a quiet xmas day then to your mums on Boxing Day. Will try and FaceTime you on xmas day. Lots of love AA xxxxx

    poppa fish

    as ever another lovely blog. at time of me writing this hopefully you will have completed your campaign at work which I know has been taking up much of your time. well done . We are all so proud of what you and mat are doing and you deserve some “me” time over the holidays.
    kick back. enjoy.take care of each other.
    speak and see you over Xmas
    poppa fish

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