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Less than two weeks to go!

You may be thinking that I’m talking about Christmas, but for me the biggest day in the next two weeks is actually Christmas Eve, as this is when my big project at work is over!

I will have got through 24 days, and over 1,650 events across the whole of the United States.

We are currently over half way in terms of days, and number of events left, so the end is in sight!

And, of course, after I get through the final days of the program, I am able to enjoy Christmas Day in full relaxation-mode.

I will, most-certainly, be enjoying a lie in on Christmas Day.

Apart from that, Matthew and I do not really have any plans.

We have begun discussing what we are going to have for Christmas dinner, as if you remember from last year we purposefully grilled some burgers to buck-the-trend of a full turkey dinner.

But this year I want to try and do something a little special, but as Matthew very kindly pointed out, if we have a full-on Christmas dinner, I will end up spending most of my day cooking in the kitchen instead of relaxing – which although I enjoy cooking, I agree that we probably shouldn’t go too OTT, especially as its just the two of us!

We will probably do a happy-medium meal, of roast chicken or beef, with some of our favourite sides…roasted parsnips, Yorkshire puddings, sage and onion stuffing (Matthew’s favourite!), and probably some Brussel sprouts, because, hey…why not!

Matthew and I have also been lucky enough to have been able to spend some money on each other again this year.

Whilst neither of us really have any surprises for one another, it is nice being able to spend some money on each other on things we wouldn’t normally get for ourselves.

For instance, Matthew rarely buys himself clothes (because he’d rather spend his money on his hobbies!!) so I’ve purchased him some new clothes.

I also rarely spend any money on treating myself, so Matthew has bought me some things from Lush, as well as some lovely new earrings!

We also received a big box of wrapped gifts from my parents on Friday, so we are looking forward to opening them – especially as the majority of them are true surprises (although I’m sure there is at least one Terry’s Chocolate Orange in there!!)

What plans do you have for Christmas Day?
What are your favourite additions to the traditional Christmas Dinner? Or do you have any unusual things you like to enjoy for dinner?

Much Love


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    keith sammons

    I am spending Chrixtmas day and Boxing day with Denises family, then on tbe Sunday the clan descend on Dalby Close for a god catch up, no doubt alcohol will be involved. Hope you both enjoy Christmas, will catch up on Skype.

    poppa fish

    Hi jade.
    on Xmas day when I was a boy I remember looking forward to finding a “sixpence ” in the Xmas pudding.
    nanny would make her own Xmas pud and serve it up with hot custard.
    little did I know of course that she would make sure the sixpence “size of a dime coin” would find its way into the child’s portion of pud.

    what about health and safety then you may ask.
    another Xmas dinner favorite – pigs in blankets.

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