A New Chapter

A New Chapter…

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That is really the only word I can say to sum up the past few months since I last posted.

It certainly has been a whirlwind of a few months, with a lot of big decisions being made, and subsequently, a lot of things to do, and thoughts to process.

I guess I’ll cut to the chase….

Matthew and I have decided to move back to the UK.

Our Canadian chapter is coming to an end after nearly 3 years.

To say it was a tough decision is an understatement, and it is a decision we are both slowly (me more slowly than Matthew at times!) coming to terms with, and accepting.

Don’t ask how we actually¬†made the decision, because I don’t think either of us really knows, but it has been months of discussions, thoughts, pro-and-con lists, research, contemplation, desire for others to make the decision for us, or the need to not make a decision at all.

But ultimately we needed to decide where we felt the next chapter of our lives would turn out the best.

Yes, we could have potentially stayed in Canada.

We could have reapplied for our permanent residency application – although there was no guarantees it would have been accepted – one of the many reasons for the decision.

But we truly had to decide where we felt we would be the happiest, and have the most potential in our futures.

In the UK, we would certainly have a much wider support network – we would have our immediate families within a reasonable distance of us, even if we decided to live in the furthest corner of the country – and at least we would be in the same time zone!

Matthew, in particular, would also have a lot more prospects, hope and future in his career. By going back to the UK, it means he can wholeheartedly pursue his career in Paramedic Science.

Again, yes he could have pursued being a Paramedic in Canada – but, as we have found with a lot of things, the process isn’t easy (not that we expect it to be, but we certainly didn’t expect it to be this hard!!) and there would be no guarantees at the end.

At least by being back on British-waters, he is still a fully qualified Paramedic, and has a support network of old colleagues and friends whom he can work with to rebuild his skills and confidence – I am sure he will be amazing.

There are also more mundane reasons being back in the UK is probably what is best for us – for example, financially, although this adventure has been expensive, it is much, much easier for us to build and achieve our financial goals in England – things like credit cards (not that we want one, but its just the principle!) and mortgages would be simpler for us to get.

There is also the removal of us seemingly having to justify ourselves to nearly everyone we speak to.

Whilst we are flattered, and more than happy to talk about ourselves, where we come from (a town that not many people have ever hear of, so that conversation is always difficult!) why we moved to Canada, how we ended up in Guelph, yada-yada-yada…it can become tiresome, and you feel like all you ever do is talk about yourself.

Whereas in the UK – yes we will surely get asked a lot about our adventures and what we got up to in Canada – but that story will not “define” us, as it can sometimes feel like is does over here.

There are some big changes ahead, and whilst the thought of being back in the UK feels both terrifying and glorious at the same time, it will definitely take us some time to adjust back.

So, over the coming weeks I will be trying to write up and post what we’ve been doing, what we’re thinking and feeling about this whole change *again*, and I’m hoping you’ll come on the journey with me!

Much Love


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  1. k.sammons@hotmail.co.uk'
    keith sammons

    Sorry it did not work out, but at least you have tried and you will always have the experience of living in Canada. I hope you can make a new life back in the UK. See you soon.

    • jade.sammons

      Thanks Keith!
      We’re looking forward to catching up with everyone!

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