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Choices – Chances – Changes…

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You must make the choice

to take chances

otherwise your life will never change.


And we have certainly made a choice in taking some chances to make some significant changes!

If you read my post A New Chapter you will know that Matthew and I have made the choice to move back to the UK.

And time is certainly going fast, as we now stand with only one full week left in this country we have called “home” for nearly three years.

The past few weeks have been a rollercoaster of emotions.

Matthew and I both finished work last Friday, and saying goodbye to our respective workplaces and colleagues was a mixture of emotions.

For Matthew, he is excited to be able to get back into working as a Paramedic in the UK, so finishing work and saying goodbye was definitely the closing of a chapter, and a sense of optimism of what is to come

For me, I actually returned to the office, and the company of my colleagues today for a farewell lunch.

It was surreal seeing everyone again, especially as I knew it was going to be the last time I’d likely be there for a significant while.

It was also very emotional – my colleagues, all of whom have become dear friends and part of my Canadian family and support network, all had some very kind things to say about me, and I too them.

They really have been such a wonderful group to work with – yes there are times of stress and strain where you’d rather be anywhere but at the office, but the small group that works at Sparks always pull together to get the job done, with a positive attitude, and a sense of pride.

I have worked on some incredible projects during my time there – all of which have helped me develop and improve.

I am excited and also optimistic like Matthew, to see what my next role will hold – but right now, I can’t imagine working anywhere other than Sparks – they will always hold a very dear place in my heart, and be a significant part of our Canadian adventures.

This past week has also been busy as we have been packing-packing-packing.

It is strange seeing your near-entire worldly positions be brought together, packed into boxes and taken away.

Thankfully we haven’t had to be quite as ruthless as we were when we moved out here, as we have decided to ship a small selection of our furniture and possessions back to the UK.

Unfortunately at this stage we don’t know when they will arrive, but Matthew and I agreed it will be like uncovering buried treasure when we unpack everything.

So now, as we sit with a week to go, Matthew and I plan to try and enjoy some of our final days in this wonderful country.

We will enjoy a shopping trip or two to get our fix of some of our Canadian favourites, we are certainly enjoying as much Tim Hortons as we possibly can in our last few days, and we will be taking some time to reflect and take-stock before the next chapter of our adventures begin.

And I will continue to try and document this bitter-sweet rollercoaster that we are travelling on.

Much Love


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