Surreal Changes


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To say the changes that Matthew and I are currently working through are surreal is an understatement.

I am writing this on Tuesday evening, sitting on my mattress in my now empty living room.

We literally have no furniture left – no sofa, no tables, no TV….you name it, it’s gone.

This is also the last night that we will spend in this beautiful house that we have called ‘home’ for the past year-and-a-bit.

We are staying in a hotel tomorrow night just to give us a small break away from the emptiness that our lives have become (more materialistically than emotionally!) and to take away a little bit of the pressure come Thursday when we actually leave Guelph and head back to the UK.

The process we have gone through, particularly over the past ten days since we finished work has been pretty challenging and stressful to say the least.

Having to come to terms with the fact that we are leaving Canada in a case of hours, not days or months, is a daunting and difficult concept to accept – particularly as so much has happened in our time here.

Matthew and I both know moving back is what we need to do to truly “get on” with our lives – but it doesn’t make the changes any easier.

Having to drop our beloved fur-baby (Karla the dog!) off this morning, ready for her journey back to the UK to begin, was tough.

At least if it was a child we were taking back with us, we could explain what is happening, and why – with an animal, of any kind, there isn’t such luxuries.

Having to say goodbye to her was difficult – handing her over to people that we don’t really know, but have to trust her welfare in was tougher – knowing that my amazing parents will be picking her up in less than 48 hours gives me the tiniest trickle of joy in my heart.

I will be delighted to hear from them when they have Karla in sight, let alone their actual hands!

I also believe that having Karla arrive before us will not only give Matthew and I peace of mind to be able to deal with any issues should they arise, but also give me in particular the strength and determination to get on that plane home – it means I will be able to be reunited with my darling puppy-girl again, and that is something I am desperate for right now as I type.

I can’t say enough how much that fur-baby means to the two of us!

So tomorrow, our final full day in Canada, brings a lot of “last minute” tasks – completing our final packing, trips to the thrift/charity shops to make donations, cancelling utilities like our internet, and mobile phones, and most importantly, hopefully¬†having just a little bit of time to enjoy our final day in this wonderful country.

Canada will always be in my heart – and I will miss this place a lot – but it’s time to make the changes we need to move on with our lives and see what the next chapter will bring.

Much Love


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    poppa fish

    As ever jade a wonderful post.
    although all your belongings are either in a box or sold you still most importantly have each other.
    You have both done so well so much on your adventure and I will always admire what you have done
    keep right on to the end of the road
    when you’re tired and weary still journey on till you come to your happy abode
    where all you love and dreaming of
    will be there at the end of the road.

    Luv you

    poppa fish


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