Adventure By Numbers

The Adventure By Numbers…

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2 Years, 9 Months, 13 Days

1,017 Days

24,408 Hours

1,464,480 Minutes

4 Houses

5 House Moves

2 Cars

Numerous near death experiences on the 401 highway

4 Jobs

1 College Certificate

1 Broken Bone

2 Cottage Get-Aways

4 Visits to Niagara Falls

1 Concert

2 Blue Jays Games

1 Toronto Raptors Game

7 Family Visits

6 Birthdays

3 Christmases

3 New Years Eve’s

1 Engagement

1 Invaluable Adventure 



    Firstly a few more numbers

    128 blogs, including 25 ( I think ) recipes, bakes, culinary delights etc.
    I have , like I am sure all other readers enjoyed everyone of your blogs and sampled and made a few of your recipes.
    Your blogs have been so interesting, so well written, and it has been a pleasure to be with you on your adventure, via Jadey .

    I looked back at your first blog and the following was quoted
    “Some people want it to happen. Some wish it would happen Others make it happen I would like to think that, for this part of my life at least, I fall into the third category”.

    Well I think we can say that you made it happen and more.

    The experiences ,and times you have had will stay with you and Mat forever, What you have done in Canada in the last 3 years is admirable.

    You have grasped the opportunity to live in Canada and to “Live the life of the Maple Leaf” with both hands, and yes I guess there were problems along the way, but I am sure your good memories will out weigh the rough times .

    But after all this , there is a final number.


    There is only 1 Jadey Pops.

    Luv poppa fish

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