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Well…it’s been a while, hasn’t it?!

Sorry for not posting for a while…the reasons for such should be clear when you’ve finished reading this post, but as time moves forward, I hope to begin posting relatively regularly again soon!


It has certainly been an interesting few weeks.

It will be 1 month on Sunday since Matthew and I left Canada and returned to the UK.

Whilst I have certainly enjoyed some elements of being back (namely food…and seeing family, of course!), I have really struggled to get to grips with the reality of the decision we’ve made.

There are a number of things that I’ve struggled with, that I didn’t realise would affect me so strongly.

The first I felt almost instantly on our drive back to the beautiful Shropshire countryside, on our first day back.

Everything feels incredibly claustrophobic and crowded and small.

The cars all appear so tiny compared to the beasts not only Matthew and I drove in Canada, but the super-duty trucks that were a common sight on Canadian roads.

The little hand-me-down Vauxhall Corsa that my parents have kindly landed to me to get me mobile feels like I’m driving a tiny tin can.

The regular sight of a Fiat Punto, Mini Cooper and Renault Clio make driving over here feel like I’m driving in a toy village.
None of the huge trucks, or even bigger lorries passing you on the motorway (and sorry to my Canadian readers if you don’t understand that…lorries = articulated trucks, and not grandma drivers as my dear friend Kailey once thought, and motorways = highways…there will be a test at the end!!)

The roads themselves also feel so small – the grass verge/hedges at the side of the road are so close it makes it feel very claustrophobic, something which I’m still taken aback by when we drive out through the countryside to visit Matthew’s family.

And don’t get me started on the car parks – small isn’t even the word.

And all that is just stuff on the road!


Another thing I’ve really been struggling with is socialisation.

Now you might think I’d want to spend as much time as possible with the people that I’ve missed the most. And of course I do.

But having gone from being relatively isolated, completely self-sufficient, and somewhat ‘loners’ at home in Canada, having people around who want to see us, and spend time with us, is tough.

I’m trying to be careful to take things slowly, but it is something I’m surprised at how difficult and overwhemling I’m finding it.

And don’t get me wrong, seeing my family, and my dear friends again has been wonderful. I just have to take it steady, and one step at a time.


Another thing I’m having to deal with, particularly this week…and this is very British of me…is the weather.

I am so sick of it being grey, and cloudy, and rainy…what feels like all the time!

And, as I have probably discussed with those of you I’ve had conversations with about the British vs Canadian weather – the air and atmosphere here in the UK is very different to Canada.

The air in the UK is so damp, that when it gets even slightly warm, it gets extremely muggy. The first week Matthew and I were back, the UK was actually having some nice weather – but the air was so muggy, we really struggled to get comfortable – we raided family cupboards for fans to have on, particularly overnight.

And this week, when its been so “blah”, and grey, and rainy, I admit to putting the heating on in our new house just to keep me somewhat warm.


Talking of our new house, that has been something to get used to as well.

We are slowly settling in to the house, but are living somewhat sparsely at the moment until our shipment of furniture and “stuff” arrive from across the pond.

Hopefully it will be with us in a few weeks, and we can enjoy being reunited with all our favourite belongings, and probably some that we think ‘why did we pack that’.

There are some parts of the house that are great – the fact it’s detached is amazing – I haven’t heard a single neighbours voice, or TV, or footsteps, or guitar playing, when I’ve been inside the house *amazing*

The location is also wonderful, Matthew and I really enjoy being so close to the town, and that its a couple of minutes walk to a nearby shop, and fish-and-chip shop, is great!

However the house is also pretty old, and the landlord hasn’t put much love into it – I’ve affectionately nicknamed the house the “wonky warehouse” as the floors are undulating to say the least!

But its our home-for-now, and will certainly help us get set up for the next few months!


The one thing I’m hoping that changes pretty soon is our day-to-day work situation.

Matthew has been lucky enough to get some one-off Paramedic jobs in the few weeks we’ve been back, and there are certainly lots of prospective jobs in the pipeline for him, which is wonderful.


For me, its a waiting game for one of the jobs I’ve applied for to come through and give me a new challenge – boy am I ready for it!
There’s only so much daytime TV I can take – although there being three football (soccer for my Canadian buddies!) games on a day during the Euro’s certainly helps pass the time!

So fingers crossed something progresses soon – and I’m sure all the other things will be a slow adaptation, but I will get there.

To my British friends and family – It’s so good to see you – and I promise it will be more often when things have settled down!

To all my Canadian friends and family – I miss you dearly.


Much Love



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