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jade.sammons : 14th January 2016 12:15 PM : Favourites

I thought I would try something a little different for today’s post.

I’ve decided that once a month, on my scheduled Thursday posting day, which is usually reserved for a delicious recipe I’ve come across, or created myself, I would share with you all a handful of my favourite things from that particular month.

It may be a recipe, a neat gadget or tool I’ve been using, a TV show, a person, a song or artist, or whatever else that tickles my fancy that month, but I hope you enjoy getting a bit of insight into what I’m really enjoying, and hey, maybe even check them out yourself!

So without further ado…here are a few of my favourite things for January…


This Cookie Recipe

A week or so ago I had a real desire to make some chocolate chip cookies.

Now I have plenty of cookie recipes, but I was looking for the perfect cookie, and I remember one of my favourite YouTubers, Missy Lanning, had spoken about (and been referenced to making by other YouTubers) the best cookies in the world – so I had to check them out…and boy am I glad I did!

I don’t think I will ever use a different cookie recipe now I’ve tried this one!

I’m not really sure what makes them so good…the method of mixing the baking soda in hot water is not something I’ve come across before, so maybe thats the trick!

The recipe listed does make a huge batch – over 20 cookies…so if you’re not looking to make that many, I’d suggest halving the recipe to start off with. And the cookies keep really well too! I made a batch of them on Sunday, and we still have plenty of them left in a sealed container in the fridge.

They are delicious cold from the fridge which make them a little harder, or let them soften and they are perfectly chewy-in-the-middle.

I didn’t put in as many chocolate chips as the recipe suggested, but I did split my chocolate chips between semi-sweet, and white chocolate – and they are wonderful.

So if you’re looking for a great cooke recipe, this is definitely the one to pick!


The Mix Tape – Apple Music Radio

When Apple first announced it’s “Apple Music” initiative, and subsequent subscription, I was a bit sceptical as to whether it would be worth it.

Matthew is completely in love with the whole Apple Music system, and we currently subscribe to a “family plan” which allows us to share music, and pay less!

Matthew really enjoys the “recommended for you” section, where it suggests playlist based upon your personal music tastes which you are invited to record when you sign up, and Apple continues to monitor as you use the plan. I was never really impressed with it, as it seems to keep suggesting I listen to Ariana Grande, or Alicia Keys, or some form of Country music…none of which I have a problem with in small doses, but when it suggests I listen to a full playlist of any of the above, it doesn’t really interest me, and I don’t know how they algorithm decided that this was what I would want to listen to.

But then I found Apple Radio, and in particular “The Mix Tape”

Apple Radio is ultimately Apple’s version of Spotify, Songza, or similar – a streaming service, with occasional adverts – and The Mix Tape streaming playlist is my absolute favourite thing to listen to right now…in fact, it’s playing as I type this.

The Mix Tape is a mixture of music right from the 70s and 80s to current day, with a mixture of genres.

For example, I currently have A-Ha “Take On Me” being played, have just heard The Smiths, and Notorious B.I.G. is up next…it really is an enjoyable mix of music, which is easy to listen to in the background when you’re, maybe, writing a blog post, for example!


Flat Whisk

I mentioned in one of my Christmas-themed post that my wonderful Matthew had bought me a flat whisk as one of my Christmas gifts…

…and it’s everything I dreamed of, and more!

I first came across the potential of a flat whisk whilst watching one of my favourite cookery shows, The Pioneer Woman. She uses a flat whisk nearly every time she uses a whisk, and I wondered what all the fuss was about.

Now you may be wondering “hey Jade, what on earth is a flat whisk”….well instead of a regular whisk, or a balloon whisk, where the wires form a dome, a flat whisk is…well, exactly that…flat! Just like this flat whisk which Matthew actually purchased for me.

It’s wonderful!

When making sauces in saucepans, you can really get into the base of the pan to ensure none of it sticks, you can have so much more control when mixing liquids in a bowl, and just generally feel like a whisking-pro!

If you haven’t tried one, I definitely recommend it!


What are your favourite things so far in January?

Much Love


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